Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Candy!!

Not mine, but Here Nursery Rhymes Cart!   Its on my wish list...I'm loving the idea of pairing it up with A Child's Year!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Scrap Happiness! Trash to Treasure!

Rags to Riches...Waste not want not.....Renew, Reuse, Recycle!!!

Did I miss any *giggle*

Pardon the ATG lumps, I had to redo the tape : (

Smooth out with the grain

I don't have a Score Buddy so this will do for now...

Cut leaving some on the top for a tab to stick to the cover

Look familiar?  Target $1 bin pk of 3

Corner punch card and pads a couple at a time to blend in nicely

From this....
To this!!!

ATG gun

Small note card

smallest Post It Notes

Corner Rounding Punch

(Basic Gray Infuse and some Cosmo Cricket)

Sticky Ribbon~Martha Stewart

The card holder is here

This was a really fun project, I think it came out great!  I wish I had of grabbed more notepads now!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brass Embossed Fall Card

Beautiful!  Fall card!

At least I think So!

Martha Stewart Embossing Powder

Heat Embosser

Zig 2 way

Occasions Paper

Brown Card Stock

I love how it makes me think of a Leather bound book!

I made this cut months ago and sat it aside, I found it today and was ready to finish what I started, being its now Fall and my creative juices were flowing!  I have been searching for it to let you know the recipe, but I cant find it now, I think I'm looking too hard, because I was bent on making  the coordinating envelop, If you find it, please let me know!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Challenge (MyPinkStamper) with a bird

My Entry for "Something With A Bird"

She has had over 5 million hits!!! And every time I think of it I cant help but see a McDonald's sign....But I digress....

Bird~Shrinky Dink/Streight from the Nest Cricut Cartridge
Sisboom for DaisyD Paper
Ribbon~ Hobby Lobby Ribbon Trends
Turquoise Blue Card Stock
EK Success Corner punch Doily 
Hot Pink ink pad
Ranger Super Fine Detail Clear Embossing Powder (My Fav!)
Heat Embosser
3 tiny pearls
Turquoise Blue Gems
Zig 2 way

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

25 Hall passes!

While attending PTO, I noticed something terribly wrong, the Library Passes were a length of blue paper with  Library pass half-hazzerdly slashed across it with Sharpie, then someone had the GALL to laminate that!!! The Horror!!!!  So, I offered to step in and make the world beautiful once again.  Heres what my Oldest Daughter and I came up with. I couldnt believe how something simple took so long, yes I can, hold on and let me hand over the baby to type with two hands.........OK, here they are....

Add caption

The backs just say Library Pass, not too interesting

Cricut Cartridges used:

Don Juan
Locker Talk
Inde Art

Zig 2 way
Corner rounding Punch
Martha Stewart Glitter (aqua marine)

Monday, September 20, 2010



cowbelleru said...
Really cute projects, Thanks for taking the time to share. It's cutesy halloween for me and mostly pumpkins.

COWBELLERU YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!!! Please Email me your shipping address~! 

(After 1 week unclaimed, I will have to pick another winner)    : (

Man vs. Expression

Opening Day is just around the Corner!!!

Man vs Expression

And not just any man, but one who doesn't get along with technology and is better suited living in a shack on a Mountain,  with a shot gun and endless supply of ammo! Livn' on da fat of the land! Ie. the Tee Shirt "Buck Shot".  This man has Buck Fever and this Fall weather makes it worse!  I am soon to be a hunting Widow...

He is entering the "Husband Challenge over at


The Best part of all: He found out that its not always so easy, Things go wrong, and sometimes, it takes much longer than first planned!

Saturday, September 18, 2010



cowbelleru said...
Really cute projects, Thanks for taking the time to share. It's cutesy halloween for me and mostly pumpkins.

COWBELLERU YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!!! Please Email me your shipping address~! 

(After 1 week unclaimed, I will have to pick another winner)    : (




If you have arrived here from  Then you are in the right place, I hope you are having a great time in the Blog Hop, there are so many talented Ladies participating! If you didn't arrive here through the Blog Hop, Wow! You are missing out on a ton of fun!  But dont worry, just start here: Jenny at CrazyAboutCricut is graciously hosting.  There is a great giveaway at the end of the Hop: A Gypsy Magic DVD from Emma at My Creative Time!   


Dark Purple card Stock is my base
White Paper (inside-top)
Owl 2 shades of brown card stock (Owl and tree)~ Straight from the Nest Cricut Cartridge or Sentimentals. Tree from Straight from the Nest, and trimmed from the center, But Paper Dolls Dress up also features a Spooky Tree
The Glittered Pinstripe Carfstock is DCWV from the All Occasions Glitter pad
Glitter paper (black-).99 pack Target (Rod Iron fence) Sentimentals Cart
Moon is from a silver embossed handmade paper scrap pack from Hobby Lobby
Rock n roll pack `grass, from Child's year
Spider web paper is scrap, I think from one of the School packs "chalk board"
Green pattern is also from a scrap pack from Hobby Lobby
pumpkin is scrap also 
Ribbon: Big Lots special
Carts can use: Paper Dolls Dress Up-Sentimentals-Straight from the Nest-
Cat: Paper Studio Occasions chipboard pack~or use Paper dolls dress up Cricut Cartridge
Punchy: Pumpkin from EK Success, trace around outside of each, allow to dry
Glitter: Lime for Owl eyes
Bic Marks it, and Sharpies, Inking around black papers and such. 
Sheet of orange rub on glitter
Inks: Martha Stewart Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Orange (around pumpkins) and White (foggy clouds) pigment Ink pads.
Sentiment: Hello, Native from Sentimentals used as stencil with Zig 2-way pen let dry, rub on glitter sheet, may have to several times.
Your choice of adhesives

Spooky Glowing Castle Column Tie

Black Card Stock
Stickers, Hobby Lobby~Halloween Section
2 Circles cut Cricut
Castle is cut from Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge
Black Martha Stewart ink
White Card Stock
I used Vellum on the back so you can see, You could use it on front but You can see through mine too much, which you will see in one of these pics.
3D Adhesive~Pop Dots
Adhesive Gems 2 Sizes
1in. Black Grosgrain  Ribbon
one Glow Bracelet 

Lay down first Circle, Center the Bracelet in the circle, In the Center of the circle,  Build your 3~D adhesive till it is the same height or a little over the height of the bracelet .

Use ATG or what ever DRY adhesive you want around the outer edge of the bottom paper circle.

Sandwich it all in with the other circle.

Add Castle and ink it up the way you want, allow to dry, Add your embellishments

Flip it over Run your ATG down (about 3 or 4 inches at a time) the bottom of your ribbon and stick it to the outter edge of the circle gathering as you go.

Cut rectangle 2x6. Fold it short ways so that it is 3x thick and glue it to itself.  (Just to thicken it to make it Sturdier)

Place center of ribbon on center of circle, glue top and bottom of the rectangle over it. (see pic)
Note: Do not glue it  to the ribbon, you may want to be able  to slide it.

                        Meet the Family!

3 DCWV  Papers from Stack 7


3 Large Crystals

Ghosts and accessories to your families personalities with both Paper Doll Cartridges

Ghosts all sizes to represent your Family from Paper Studio Textured Card Stock
Lightly coat with Glow In The Dark paint, Let dry.

Inked Ghosts with Gray Bic Marks It

Orange Ribbon

Martha Stewart Edge Lattice Arch Punch 

Add all Accents and Embellishments

Look closely, My Camera didnt like to take those pics! Thats not crud on your screen, LOL, OK, so you may have some crud on your screen, but its here too!

And now its time for:

from ME:

Check it out!  two of our  Blog Hop mascot!

What do I have have to do you ask?  Oh, Im sure you know by now,  ; )   Join my Blog, LIKE my Facebook Page, And leave a comment in this post telling me Your Favorite Decorative theme for Halloween. ie: Pumpkins, Ghosts, Maybe you like Cutesie Halloween or Scary?  Let me know!  Monday I will use to pick a winner!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Cant "Imagine"

I don't know if I really want one or just want what everyone else has. Or even maybe just to be one of the first! I just finished paying off my expression and bought a new car that I have saved forever to get, So I am going to be happy with my choice and get over feeling bad or left out about it, I also realized it would take a lot joy out of crafting for me. I enjoy doing all of things that it shortcuts!

I am happy for all the Ladies that received theirs, to feel right about getting one I would first have to sale my Expression.  And even then, and if it did sale, the bundle will no longer be available, I would also have to learn another system.  I talked myself down to reality.   It looks like it takes a while to deal with....

This is what I will keep telling myself...I was happy before, I will be happy after!

Now that the looser talk is over...

On another note: Did you see the new Singer sewing Machine, OOOOhhh, That DID get my attention!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Your a Hoot!!!

Paper Studio Texture Card Stock
Hero Arts Mini Stamp set
Martha Stewart Ink
3 Large Purple Gems
Martha Stewart White Pen

Tag maker~ My tags

                                  So pretty tags
                         (or whats left of them)

I have used most of them, but here's what I have already done.  I also love painting up my plain silver rims with alcohol ink to match! 

                       ***Money Saver Alert***

You don't really have to buy the Tag maker tool, these are just supposed to be pressed, They are only tin, so it don't take much pressure, I'm sure  you probably already have a couple tools to do that with.

Keep you plastic packaging!  Use your Cuttlebug or Sizzix to Emboss it, And Color from the back with Bic Marks It~!  I adore these tied into a card, and/or tucked in a pocket!  Place in your rim and Squash it together~BEAUTIFUL!~

Thank You Card for new dentist

My Middle Little one is an Emotional child, Our regular dentist is wonderful for the rest of us, But he has no idea how to treat this one...But we found a blessing with her new dentist!  She never got angry with my daughter, never even broke a sweat.  My little one had a great time with her!  I took pics after she was done, and look! Is that a SMILE on her face around the gauze? Why I believe that it is!!! Wha Hoo!

Martha Stewart Classic Woodland paper pad
The toothbrush Martha Stewart Create paper pad  (one w buttons)
Martha Stewart Glitter Marker/ Pigment Ink
sticker heart Heidi Swap
Martha Stewart Black Ink
Sharpie Black
Tooth Child's Year Cricut Cartridge

Made my own stamp with Cricut and cheap sticky foam!

So excited about this!!!...

***Money Saver Alert***

It was late and I was tired, this is my first try, its the thin stuff.  I used my Deep cutting blade and multicut sitting. I still  had to do it a couple times, Pay attention to the #settings to remember where to start on the next cut. (Write it down!) 
I used two layers for mount and just one for the key, so next time I will make a couple more and layer them so that the image will be much better!  Anyway, Im so excited about it and plan on making a ton more!!!

Experiment worked lovely!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Paper Studio Textured Card Stock lt. Blue and Red

White thin paper is scrap

Ranger Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder (My all time Favorite!)

Martha Stewart Red ink

Hero Arts stamps

Red Ribbon

Crop a Dile

3 Silver mini eyelets

3 strips of Denim Fayed

2 Cuts from side to side about an inch apart

Fray Denim as desired

Weave behind the bar cut.

Mount denim with eyelets

***Money Saver Alert***

Use clear embossing powder with pigment inks!  You get the color for less! You don't have to buy/store more embossing powder! Pigment ink takes longer to dry, you have plenty of time to get it covered!
Mix a small amount of embossing powder with your glitter  if you want that effect, buying glitter-embossing is just craziness!  : )

Trick or Treat Candy Corn Card

Trick or Treat!!!

Debbie Mum Harvest and Holiday from Joanns

Orange, And Black Textured card Stock  Paper Studio

White Martha Stewart pen

Black Martha Stewart Ink

Plastic Packaging

ATG adhesive

Candy Corn

Pink Cricut

Pink Cricut is hosting a 9-11 Blog Hop with some great inspiration, Wonderful sponcers, and awesome prizes, join the fun!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a slice of fun paper!

How cute is this paper?  Another simple card!

Debbie Mum Harvest and Holiday from Joanns

Sage color ribbon

Martha Stewart White Pigment Pen

Martha Stewart Black Ink

Black and Orange Textured Card Stock, Paper Studio


We don't have a Joanns, but a friend actually takes the time out to travel there, I love going Shopping at Cassie's House  ; )

Just cut out One of the MANY great scenes on this paper and adhered it to the black Card Stock, then that to the Orange Card Base.

Inked it up

Added Ribbon and Bows, Jute would also look great!

Drew on stitching (new to me so I didn't do so well)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emboss without machine or "tools"!!!


***Money Saver Alert***


Yep, and, It takes about 3 minutes!  But Shhhhhh! Don't tell Provo Craft or Sizzix please!

 Rolling Pin
 Embossing folder

Front and back, just a little! moist, not completely wet, You want it to relax not melt!

Its going to have a couple droplets so just pat gently so it will absorb them. Don't press, PAT.

Press starting from top to bottom applying pressure and back up again, about 5 times

Open to check it out!

So pretty!

Set aside, Allow to dry...

This one has had time to dry!

So what do you think?  Leave a comment!