Monday, August 30, 2010

Simply Sweet

Martha Stewart ribbon
Martha Stewart Arch Lattice punch
Martha Stewart Purple Ink
Martha Stewart Sage Green Ink
Glue dots  
Simply Sweet Cart
Swirl embossing folder
3 Dot embossing folder
Embossing Machine
card stock 4 colors
coordinating glitter card stock
My Secret pop adhesive
regular thinner pop dots
3 Mini brads
Crop a Dile small hole punch

A really good friend is really sick. Shes getting better, But is having a horrible time, All prayers are appreciated.

In other News:  Oh my Goodness! I'm loving my Zyron!  I didn't understand it, by way of not  reading the instructions (hmmmm...)  So I had to YouTube it last night. Boy was I ever using it wrong.  Now that I look at it, I'm ashamed to tell ya! Hahahaha!  But applying that ribbon was so easy and clean!'

So, I ran out of adhesive half way through the card, but remembered I still have the Xyron and dots, so, all was  not lost!

With this card I simply cut the shapes from  with my Cricut from Simply Sweet, Ran them through my embosser, I have a Sizzix Boutique and a Baby Cuddlebug, I never use the Baby Bug, I do use dies in my Sizzix when needed, Don't tell anyone!  I don't think your suppose to do that!  Anyway, back to the card, I used my Swirly folder and paying attention to the placement (wanting swirls on the petals particularly, and the heart bumps too. I  used the folder w the 3 dot pattern for the middles. I used two heights of Pop dots. The highest were just this See my secret here  Save your money! The highest were used on the flower and the other on the middles.  The edge is Martha Stewart Arch Lattice punch. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

For my Little Princess and Pre-teen Pendants

***Money Saver Alert***

I save all the covers of my paper stacks and pads.  They have the sweet paper pictures on they have the small  pictures of the paper on them, well I need those to punch out to make these:


Frames bought in bulk from Ebay

Nail Jewels

Diamond Glaze

circle paper punch 

Ball chains

These are addictive!  I had one more girl pendant, but I let one of the girls' friends have it, she was so excited about them, I just couldn't stand for her to not have one!   

Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh soooo CUTE!!! Pretty Pumpkin!

I love pumpkins, I love everything about Pumpkins, I love their colors, their look, the perfect ones, the abnormal ones and the ugly bumpy ones, I love uniqueness of each of them, the smell, the taste, the texture and the versatility of them.  I love the time of year they are to be harvested!  Fall is my absolute favorite  season, so much so, that it is the namesake of my first born.   I have discovered that between the raccoons, opossums, and my beloved, My decorations have been destroyed.  So since I have a new car, I have to start from scratch which really don't hurt much.  More guilt for him= more scrappn' time for me.

The paper flower is from Infuse

***Money Saver Alert***

The Gems were clear, I used Bic Marks-Its orange and a light red-orange.
It is so much cheaper to have a couple sheets of clear than 10 sheets of different colors!
Using double-sided paper on this project is a must, Its a much cleaner look and you can just flip them for a different pattern.
I used 2 wire hangers
 2 needle nose pliers.
small and large eyelet
Crop a dile
3 different double-sided papers
Hemp cord
Your choice of adhesives, I used Dots and my ATG when things wouldn't work out  
Used pop out flower from Basic Gray's Infuse, and the big leaf Negative as a stencil for the leaf
Yellow-Gold Embossing powder, added a little color to it w brown Bic
Heating tool
Bic Marks It Orange, Brown, black
Martha Stewart Ink, Red Orange
Cut a top round piece to fit and trim it into a star pattern and ink it.  Ink all pieces and allow to dry before applying

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For a Child who loves paper crafts

A friends Granddaughter Turning 9:

Simple and Sweet, Flocking and Glitter
The pendant was replaced with a fairy, she even brought me the ticket, said she had a heck of a time finding it! On this card was
2 hair bows and a pendant.

Lining it up perfect

Because every time I see her, shes at the table hunched over scissors, glue, crayons, markers, and printer paper.  She had a great time away from all her siblings for an hour creating, She didn't make much for herself though, A Doll for her, A cat for her sister, with Pop dots! She learns fast, A flower for her mom and a race car for her brother.  I let her keep her "Birthday kit" to make crafts with at home. She is 1 of 6, So the alone time was great! She loved her little Cricut class!  Her sister and her had a small party.

 This was my gift to her sister turning 6.  Watching her figure out how to get to all those goodies was as hilarious as watching mine struggle  to keep the secret!!

My first 2 liter bottle full of 
Strawberry Shortcake sets

I wanted to glitter it up, but my Zig 2 way was out : (   We drove all over 3 Cities looking for more, Couldn't find a single one! I was distraught!  Hare having that need to tweak something, but missing my favorite pen to do it with!   But later a fellow crafter  At the Blue Barn sold me 5! Thanks so much!  Do me a favor and visit her blog and her shop! I sure would appreciate it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodies! New toys for Me!

Bought from fellow scrappr cheap!

From Cassie

 From Cassie

From Cassie

Brad Maker+Scraps=Addictive

Loving new stamp set!

Nail jewels from Ebay

Handmade little girls from Ebay

And a Xyron Sticker Maker!

Its my birthday month and I have a new HUGE toy!  The things above I'm excited about, But My hubby's gift is the most Awesome...

Yep, and I deserve it!!!!

Mine is white and is much cuter than this because It usually contains ME and 3 very beautiful little girls, who, look So very much like me!

Happy Bday to me!  Oh,  I don't want to leave out, My Brother in laws Significant other (Cassie) Gave me a cute decorative container of home made Skittles. Not the kind you eat, though I would have been happy with that also!

Blog Award! Me?...I would like to thank the Academy.....giggle

I  would like to thank the Academy. My Family for giving me Crafting time. My Friends for their inspiration, My children, because without them, I would have far less pictures to scrap. Oh, And My husband for providing me with the children and watching the barbarians while I try to have me time! I am honored that you thought of me. Being that I have only been scrapping about 6 months. And I am really faking that I have a clue how to work this computer or Blogger!  : )

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, for awarding me!

Ok, so on to the Award Rules.

 1.Thank the person you rewarded it to you.
2. Copy award to your blog.
3.  List 3 things you love about yourself.
4.  Post a picture that you love on your blog.
5. Pass the award on to 5 other inspirational people.

Three things I love about myself.  Hmmmm....

1. I think I am an excellent parent. I try very hard to give the children their individual needs, and to remember that they are NOT a unit.  I am raising responsible adults, and Also have to be one to commit to it.

2.I like that I am always here for my loved ones when they are in need and will give anything I can.

3. I like that I am a loyal friend to a fault.

Picture:   Hmmmm. So many, Just one?  So hard.......

Little Bit learned her body parts and discovered her Button! a little while back, but its still sweet! For the moment, I guess this is my favorite picture.

And for the passing of the Award:

You Ladies all inspire me!  Don't forget to copy your award and share the love!

Cool Find! 3-D on the Cheap!!

                       Cheap Find!!!

                       ***Money Saver Alert***

Two in a pack

On Cricut mat

Its the end of summer and air conditioner products are now going clearance, This one was at WalMart price:  $3.00! Two rolls in this pack!  How cool is that, I know it looks hard and grainy, but its really soft and wonderful! That's a LOT of  product for the money!  Now, you know that I never use anything like its supposed to be used. I refuse to conform. It will conform to me! Im thinking I should go get more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Snowman from Camping Out Cartridge

 Martha Stewart double-sided Snowflake sticker roll
Martha Stewart Glitter aqua marine
Martha Stewart forget-me-not (blue) ink
Martha Stewart black ink
Martha Stewart pink geranium (pink) ink
Black and Orange Sharpie
Silver Stickles
3 black Sequins
1 clear gem
White Glitter paper
Black Glitter paper
White card stock
Blue paper w green dots (scrap paper pack from Hobby Lobby)
Blue card Stock w White back or core
Ribbon-Target $1 rolls
Wiggle eyes
Camping Out cartridge
Sizzix embossing folder I cant seem to find the name of it, but any polka dots will do.
Cuttlebug Embossing folder Winter words
Making Memories Tag Maker
Medium Tag shaped rim
Emery board
Your choice of adhesive
Straight trimmer
Small hole punch
4 sizes of blacked out Compass, 3 for snow man and 1size for 3 Snowballs.
1 blacked out Compass needle
1 blacked out Tree stump cut in half
1 blacked out pot top, cut slit in middle, Slide over smallest circle,
2 blacked out of hiking boot, then flip and repeat.
2 blacked out tree branches, flip second one.
Cut rectangle for snow, ink sides and shadow with blue ink.

Cut blue background to the size you want, place in embossing folder, run through your system, lightly distress with emery board. Adhere to card stock. Ink up your glittery snow rectangle and add to your background.  Build your snowman inking him and the black edges as you go, and adhere him to background.  I nipped off one of the corners of his top hat to make it more balanced,  Ink up snowballs and add to background. Rub sticker to his hand and glitter it up. . Add all embellishments.  Place a dot of Stickles in the middle of glitter snowflake and add a gem. Allow to dry.


Ink up edges of rectangle background and adhere to card.  Grab your Winter words embossing folder and lightly ink up the raised side, carefully add your white card stock and run it through your embossing system. Cut out the word grouping you see here, and the Snowman. adhere the word grouping to your background.  Build your tag, you will have to add the ribbon and snowman piece to a background scrap to make it big enough to fit the tag rim. Trace the rim's stencil on the piecing, cut, assemble, and squish with your Tag Maker System. Punch small hole where ever you want to add your ribbon, tie it on and adhere to card,  Color in his nose and he comes to life!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Basic Grey Infuse Business Card Holder

Still needs some tweaking

Basic Grey Infuse Paper, Purity and Salt

Martha Stewart Brown ink

Crop a dile


2 eyelets (made for thick projects)


This is altered packaging from a  Wal Mart Brand $5 Digital clock from Back to school stuff. I kept it for this purpose, You will see this a lot. This how I roll  : )

I simply traced each side and imagined how the pattern would look before I drew it with my pencil, Cut them out and adhere it to the box. then inked it up, after letting it dry, I used my Crop a dile to punch holes for the eyelets, placed and punched them on, and ran two pieces of hemp, knotted, and cut excess.
I know it needs a little tweaking, but time has to happen first.
 I'm thinking of adding something around the edges, just not sure what though, I'm open to suggestions, Just comment me.  Tell me what you think.

Don't forget about the Halloween Blog HOP!  September 18th,  8 am PST- Sep. 19th midnight PST.   So Excited!!!

For Friend in a hard situation

Basic Grey Infuse "Purity" and "Salt" Paper
Brown Card Stock
Martha Stewart Brown ink
Basic Grey Brad from June Bug Collection
Martha Stewart Arch Lattice Edge paper punch
Martha Stewart Ribbon
Occasions sentiment vellum pad
Xacto knife and cutting pad
your choice of adhesives

Basic Gray Brad folded around as ribbon slider. You can cut off the ends with wire cutter, but I like the look of it, Or just skip it all together.

I think the only thing that needs explaining here may be the flowers hugging the ribbon. I marked the ribbon placement lightly with a pencil, then, I simply cut around everything in the way then inked the cut areas to hide the white edges.

I inked all over to add an antiqued look. The frame was made using a rectangle mat first, added the sentiment, then tucking the punched pieces along the side, and adding 4 cut triangles of the same card stock for the corners.  

Inking note: When using the ink for antiquing I use a damp baby wipe to blend when it looks over patterned, or blotchy.

I adore this card, I am happy with how it turned out.
I hope it inspires you, please comment!