Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of the School Year a.k.a Super Meeee time!

I have been waiting for this day to come! Better than my Birthday! Its the first day of school!   My kids were overjoyed this when they noticed that I misplaced my camera this morning, Now found, So they are still in for it the second they step off the  bus!  I have been inspired by Pink Crickets Blog Hop and I neeeeed Back To School Pictures! I'm  Home all alone (except for the baby of course)  I took the opportunity to step over to the neighbors to allow the babies play while we had coffee and woke up our brains.   Now that shes played out and ready for her nap and I'm caffeinated and ready to rock....

This is the fast card I whipped up for the Hubb's Bday and then, took back to tweak, still a little generic for me.  but he whined the whole time that he wanted to keep it how it was, he didn't have any problem with it, "I like it how it is!  , But I couldn't look at it without that overwhelming-pulsating NEED to alter it to the vision that was SCREAMING in my head!  I wasn't as much worried about the over-simplicity as I was the need for INK!  Lack of creative time, I cant fix, but this problem I can....These things rambling in my head till I got my  hands on it!              

I love those dusty footprints!

From Camping Out cartridge.
Calender and Today...From DCWV Berry St. Farmers Market. My favorite, Look! I did cut it! Whose proud of me?
Tom Holtz Distress ink Old Paper
White embossing on Compass
Black BIC marksIT
Hemp cord
Small silver brad
2 small silver eyelets

Card lesson: Better handwriting and Take pics before signing next time!

Back To school pics as promised. after a long hot day:

FASIONISTA                                   TOMBOY
Hams it up                          Hates "posed pictures"                        


  1. I am working with Camp Out now. This was one of my first cartridges. I love the footprints you used. I am going to create a word wall for my class using this cartridge. At least I am imagining it working.

    Stay Creative,
    Georgiana : )

  2. AWEE! Such cute pics! Also I love the card! Super cute! TFS!


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