Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And so...It begins

Patiently awaiting the Monkeys decent to school!  Yes, that's what I will be doing this final week of Summer Vacation! Covering all the basis of last minute Back to School Shopping, Skipping this fill-in for my inked up nails, who are we kidding...With Name brand (Yes, this years must for the 11yr old) And as much glittery School Supplies one Princess- Ballerina can muster out of the Parents. Who has time or Money to get it done?  Following their freshly Cricutted Supplies and Brand New wardrobed decent to the bus...By blog will begin, then its On, to my world of Luxury, as much as one Mom with a 1yr old duct taped to  the left leg can produce Legibly!  Then after the Barbariens decend upon my home, bringing with them with them a nights worth of Homework, Dinner demands and the "My Mom's the coolest" buttering up, followed by the produced list of things to Cricut for my friend's bike, Friend's school supplies, or Friend's Mom.  What can I say, Its still great to be me, The Mom of 3!


  1. yay you have a blog and I its first follower!!

  2. I had to come check out your blog after I saw that HILARIOUS comment you left on mine about finding 2 kids after cleaning your craft space. You only found 2? I found 4! At least that's my story of where they came from..........


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