Saturday, August 28, 2010

For my Little Princess and Pre-teen Pendants

***Money Saver Alert***

I save all the covers of my paper stacks and pads.  They have the sweet paper pictures on they have the small  pictures of the paper on them, well I need those to punch out to make these:


Frames bought in bulk from Ebay

Nail Jewels

Diamond Glaze

circle paper punch 

Ball chains

These are addictive!  I had one more girl pendant, but I let one of the girls' friends have it, she was so excited about them, I just couldn't stand for her to not have one!   

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  1. I Love these! When I first saw them I thought that they were the bottle cap jewelry but I really Love those little frames. Can you let me know where you got those. Those came out so adorable and pretty.


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