Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get me to 500 and We will Give away a coveted cartridge

ScrappyScavengers very first cartridge give away!!!!!

Im so excited about this, Its my very first cartridge giveaway!!! 

All I need is to reach 500 followers, then Ill post the giveaway!  I know you wont have a problem with that! 

So break out those, Blogs,  sidebars, Face Book, and Twitter statuses!  Ladies and a few Gentlemen, and rock that out for me!  I know you can do it in no time flat!!!

So lets get ROCKIN!

Im guessing however you would like to know what your getting?

Wrap It Up
Product Details:

Celebrate in style with the Wrap It Up cartridge! This present themed cartridge is filled with layered images for several occasions plus coordinating boxes, cards, and tags. It also contains fifty themed phrases with layers that you can add to layouts, cards, and other projects.

This cartridge includes: Layer, Phrase, Box, Card, Tag, and Tag Blackout creative features

Thanks for Stopping By!  Hope your as excited as I am!!! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

My first EVER Visit to Michael's AND Tuesday Morning!!! (Haul)


My Closest Michaels about an hour away.   I have never been to one,  or  Tuesday Morning, EVER!  It wasn't a planned trip to Michaels, I just thought of it while we were out that way, and therefore, I had no coupon with me  : (

So today, Hubby went on an adventure to Bass Pro which is not awful far form Michaels.

I went patiently with him all over Bass Pro, fussy, yet tolerable baby in tow.
Then he took me to Michaels, on the way, I looked out the window and seen "TUESDAY MORNING"  I yelled and told him to turn in!!!!!

Reminding me of that insurance commercial where the guy acts like a GPS, we quickly took the turn and swooped into the parking lot and we were there!!! I was soooo excited that I had butterflies in my tummy!  Whoooo Hoooo!

I had to touch every item they had, and scour the place till I had every item I could possibly want...  Then It was on to Michaels!  Hubby was not amused being that now he was forced to deal with me and the now cranky, somewhat intolerable, and in serious need of a nap 21mo. old, in now two craft stores.   He was a trooper, and had seen the deals and calculated the savings, and heard my unrealistic promise of not needing anything again till next year!   Hahahahaha! Yeah sure, I know what he was thinking!

Anyway, on to the haul!

(Click them to make them bigger)

Tuesday Morning haul $55  The slice is vinyl

And a Martha Stewart Score Board  (not pictured)  oops!   that I have been wanting forever!!! was $14!  Michaels $90

Thursday, January 27, 2011

50 States Blog Hop

Friday, Feb 11 at 9am-Feb 13, 11:30

I will be representing The great state of Alabama!
I have some great Blog CANDY  already boxed up and ready to ship!  Will I be shipping it to you?

 Blog Hop across the 50 states, each stop with a fun project and giveaway! Grand prize giveaways: 2 Scrap N Totes, 2 Scrap N Easel, 2 Cri-Kit Pen Holder Sets, Creative Charms Swag Bag, Pink by Design Swag Bag and more coming!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade valentines from Mommas heart to my daughters classes

Homemade valentines from Mommas heart to my daughters classes

Daises are from Oriental Trading,  suckers are from Dollar General $1 for about 20!  Use Glue Dots to make the sucker wrappers stick, Nothing else worked as great!  The heart is from either A Child's Year or Paper Dolls. Ill have to look again...These are for My Girly Girl

My Tomboy decided she also wanted them for the girls in her class, I was so surprised, I didn't have anymore big daises, so I was forced to cut them, I used Penny Lane Paper with glitter.

What little girl could resist these?

Mine are quite satisfied!

Were now rolling around ideas for the boys when I dig out the tattoos.

Thanks for stopping by, Have a great night!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Baby Girl is going to be 2???

My, where has the time gone?

From the Easter Section of Wal Mart

Monkey bread and Banana bread, wasnt as good as freshly baked, but Saves time!
litle icing thief

Scrapbook paper in a pinch, Marshmallo bananas (very good actually) 12x12 double sided ppr scored at 3 and 9 down sides and top and bottom, then pinch the corners. simple enough!

Now thats HOT!  Ainjt nothin'  like a deer-slaying country boy baking his baby girl a rainbow cake!!!
Yummy gummy Butterflies, and the bananas from 2 movie size Runts Candy planned out and decorated by Mommy, And  Made by Daddy!

She blew them babies out too! Id say shes quite satisfied with her party!

Yes, we accept donations, LOL  Mony and card catcher

were sports balls, they were properly converted! With a circle pinch, Xyron and Animal kingdom Cart

Animal kingdom cart, stickles, ink, Gel marker

2 boxes white cake and 4 icings, lots of food coloring and cake pans! LOL

Entrance to the childrens' part of our home, their rooms and bathroom, quite possibly the closest jungle in the South!

Scraps to use

this banner has a hiccup, but ists still very cute!

 Basic Gray  Nook and Pantry "Do Me A Favor"  Cupcake Treat boxs sit on a sweet cupcake stand.
Added a vinyl flower, Forever Young Cartridge again, with a tiny gem!  These are hidden inside a Basic Gray  Nook and Pantry "Do Me A Favor"  Cupcake Treat box, I have not yet assembled.