Monday, January 24, 2011


Baby Girl is going to be 2???

My, where has the time gone?

From the Easter Section of Wal Mart

Monkey bread and Banana bread, wasnt as good as freshly baked, but Saves time!
litle icing thief

Scrapbook paper in a pinch, Marshmallo bananas (very good actually) 12x12 double sided ppr scored at 3 and 9 down sides and top and bottom, then pinch the corners. simple enough!

Now thats HOT!  Ainjt nothin'  like a deer-slaying country boy baking his baby girl a rainbow cake!!!
Yummy gummy Butterflies, and the bananas from 2 movie size Runts Candy planned out and decorated by Mommy, And  Made by Daddy!

She blew them babies out too! Id say shes quite satisfied with her party!

Yes, we accept donations, LOL  Mony and card catcher

were sports balls, they were properly converted! With a circle pinch, Xyron and Animal kingdom Cart

Animal kingdom cart, stickles, ink, Gel marker

2 boxes white cake and 4 icings, lots of food coloring and cake pans! LOL

Entrance to the childrens' part of our home, their rooms and bathroom, quite possibly the closest jungle in the South!

Scraps to use

this banner has a hiccup, but ists still very cute!

 Basic Gray  Nook and Pantry "Do Me A Favor"  Cupcake Treat boxs sit on a sweet cupcake stand.
Added a vinyl flower, Forever Young Cartridge again, with a tiny gem!  These are hidden inside a Basic Gray  Nook and Pantry "Do Me A Favor"  Cupcake Treat box, I have not yet assembled.


  1. OMG everything is so cute but were did you get those monkeys So cute


  2. Thanks for enjoying my monkeys, Funny story, My girls and I got them from a bubble gum machine at a local pizza place, we kept putting in quarters and it gave us 3 and 4 at a time, I kept them in our party supplies, and found them digging around to prepair for the babys bday.

  3. I love this---it is all sooo cute.The monkeys are adorable and I LOVE the garland from scraps----Baby girl will have a great birthday.


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