Friday, January 28, 2011

My first EVER Visit to Michael's AND Tuesday Morning!!! (Haul)


My Closest Michaels about an hour away.   I have never been to one,  or  Tuesday Morning, EVER!  It wasn't a planned trip to Michaels, I just thought of it while we were out that way, and therefore, I had no coupon with me  : (

So today, Hubby went on an adventure to Bass Pro which is not awful far form Michaels.

I went patiently with him all over Bass Pro, fussy, yet tolerable baby in tow.
Then he took me to Michaels, on the way, I looked out the window and seen "TUESDAY MORNING"  I yelled and told him to turn in!!!!!

Reminding me of that insurance commercial where the guy acts like a GPS, we quickly took the turn and swooped into the parking lot and we were there!!! I was soooo excited that I had butterflies in my tummy!  Whoooo Hoooo!

I had to touch every item they had, and scour the place till I had every item I could possibly want...  Then It was on to Michaels!  Hubby was not amused being that now he was forced to deal with me and the now cranky, somewhat intolerable, and in serious need of a nap 21mo. old, in now two craft stores.   He was a trooper, and had seen the deals and calculated the savings, and heard my unrealistic promise of not needing anything again till next year!   Hahahahaha! Yeah sure, I know what he was thinking!

Anyway, on to the haul!

(Click them to make them bigger)

Tuesday Morning haul $55  The slice is vinyl

And a Martha Stewart Score Board  (not pictured)  oops!   that I have been wanting forever!!! was $14!  Michaels $90


  1. Well CONGRATS !!! I can feel your happiness !!! I don't have Michaels or any other store of the sort in Puerto Rico :(

  2. what a rushhhhhhh! Have fun with you new toyz.

    Jess B.

  3. Great haul. We don't have a Michael's where I live either but it isn't too far. We like to cross the border (I live in Canada) and go to AC Moore and Joanne's. We are going next month, I am so excited. I understand completely the butterflies in the tummy feeling. lol

  4. Hooray! You are so funny! Ahhh--enjoy!

  5. Congratulations..have fun playing with all your newfound goodies!

  6. WAHOOOOOO!!!! It looks great!!!! :) Can't wait to see what you create with all your new goodies! :)

  7. Can I tell you i'm jealous?? I have never been to Michael's :( Enjoy your goodies!!
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  8. I love your blog, very inspiring ,
    Have fun with your new toys
    Liz Marrero

  9. Oh and please include me in your drawing for the blog hop.


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