Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodies! New toys for Me!

Bought from fellow scrappr cheap!

From Cassie

 From Cassie

From Cassie

Brad Maker+Scraps=Addictive

Loving new stamp set!

Nail jewels from Ebay

Handmade little girls from Ebay

And a Xyron Sticker Maker!

Its my birthday month and I have a new HUGE toy!  The things above I'm excited about, But My hubby's gift is the most Awesome...

Yep, and I deserve it!!!!

Mine is white and is much cuter than this because It usually contains ME and 3 very beautiful little girls, who, look So very much like me!

Happy Bday to me!  Oh,  I don't want to leave out, My Brother in laws Significant other (Cassie) Gave me a cute decorative container of home made Skittles. Not the kind you eat, though I would have been happy with that also!

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  1. Happy Birthday! My son's 16th birthday is tomorrow and my birthday is in September.

    Georgiana : )


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