Saturday, September 11, 2010


Paper Studio Textured Card Stock lt. Blue and Red

White thin paper is scrap

Ranger Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder (My all time Favorite!)

Martha Stewart Red ink

Hero Arts stamps

Red Ribbon

Crop a Dile

3 Silver mini eyelets

3 strips of Denim Fayed

2 Cuts from side to side about an inch apart

Fray Denim as desired

Weave behind the bar cut.

Mount denim with eyelets

***Money Saver Alert***

Use clear embossing powder with pigment inks!  You get the color for less! You don't have to buy/store more embossing powder! Pigment ink takes longer to dry, you have plenty of time to get it covered!
Mix a small amount of embossing powder with your glitter  if you want that effect, buying glitter-embossing is just craziness!  : )

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