Monday, September 13, 2010

Made my own stamp with Cricut and cheap sticky foam!

So excited about this!!!...

***Money Saver Alert***

It was late and I was tired, this is my first try, its the thin stuff.  I used my Deep cutting blade and multicut sitting. I still  had to do it a couple times, Pay attention to the #settings to remember where to start on the next cut. (Write it down!) 
I used two layers for mount and just one for the key, so next time I will make a couple more and layer them so that the image will be much better!  Anyway, Im so excited about it and plan on making a ton more!!!

Experiment worked lovely!


  1. I really love all your money saving ideas, they are great! I'm all about finding a cheap alternative. TFS:-)

  2. What a wonderful way to save money! Thanks for sharing the tip :)))

  3. Oh you started something!


    Jess B.


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