Monday, September 13, 2010

Tag maker~ My tags

                                  So pretty tags
                         (or whats left of them)

I have used most of them, but here's what I have already done.  I also love painting up my plain silver rims with alcohol ink to match! 

                       ***Money Saver Alert***

You don't really have to buy the Tag maker tool, these are just supposed to be pressed, They are only tin, so it don't take much pressure, I'm sure  you probably already have a couple tools to do that with.

Keep you plastic packaging!  Use your Cuttlebug or Sizzix to Emboss it, And Color from the back with Bic Marks It~!  I adore these tied into a card, and/or tucked in a pocket!  Place in your rim and Squash it together~BEAUTIFUL!~


  1. All your tags are really cool! I was just wondering how you make them?

  2. love your tags. I am now a follower.


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