Monday, September 20, 2010

Man vs. Expression

Opening Day is just around the Corner!!!

Man vs Expression

And not just any man, but one who doesn't get along with technology and is better suited living in a shack on a Mountain,  with a shot gun and endless supply of ammo! Livn' on da fat of the land! Ie. the Tee Shirt "Buck Shot".  This man has Buck Fever and this Fall weather makes it worse!  I am soon to be a hunting Widow...

He is entering the "Husband Challenge over at


The Best part of all: He found out that its not always so easy, Things go wrong, and sometimes, it takes much longer than first planned!


  1. LOL I keep telling my husband to enter and he like no way the men are doing it the wife are... Here solid proof a man is doing the challenge
    Thank your hubby for us all
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  2. Oh this is too funny. I'm going to see if my Hubs will try this. (I seriously doubt it)
    Your Hubby did a great card it turned out good and manly because cute wouldn't be cool right? LOL. I really enjoy your Blog...TFS!

  3. That's awesome!!!!!!!!! We go hunting as a family (most of the time). I tried to get my hubby to do the challenge too, but he's . . . um . . . hunting (bow hunt already started and my kids aren't quiet enough for it). HAHAHA!!! I love the card, tell your hubby he did a great job!!!! :)

  4. How awesome!!! This was such a funny post! I was smiling the whole time! :o) Tell him thanks for stepping out of his confort zone! His card turned out AWESOME!

  5. Great card...and Awesome pictures...he totally looks like he wants to shoot the deer that's on the card...LOL

  6. OK, I missed this one and the fact you posted this on my Birthday, this is now the best gift I got, lol. Priceless and good job.


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