Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Cant "Imagine"

I don't know if I really want one or just want what everyone else has. Or even maybe just to be one of the first! I just finished paying off my expression and bought a new car that I have saved forever to get, So I am going to be happy with my choice and get over feeling bad or left out about it, I also realized it would take a lot joy out of crafting for me. I enjoy doing all of things that it shortcuts!

I am happy for all the Ladies that received theirs, to feel right about getting one I would first have to sale my Expression.  And even then, and if it did sale, the bundle will no longer be available, I would also have to learn another system.  I talked myself down to reality.   It looks like it takes a while to deal with....

This is what I will keep telling myself...I was happy before, I will be happy after!

Now that the looser talk is over...

On another note: Did you see the new Singer sewing Machine, OOOOhhh, That DID get my attention!

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  1. I am soo with you on this. I just can't see myself trying to fit another machine into my work space and they say it is large heavy and bulky. I enjoy making things all on my own and figuring out paper (from my stock) and all the elements that go with that. I am happy for everyone that wants/got one but just not for me.


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