Tuesday, September 21, 2010

25 Hall passes!

While attending PTO, I noticed something terribly wrong, the Library Passes were a length of blue paper with  Library pass half-hazzerdly slashed across it with Sharpie, then someone had the GALL to laminate that!!! The Horror!!!!  So, I offered to step in and make the world beautiful once again.  Heres what my Oldest Daughter and I came up with. I couldnt believe how something simple took so long, yes I can, hold on and let me hand over the baby to type with two hands.........OK, here they are....

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The backs just say Library Pass, not too interesting

Cricut Cartridges used:

Don Juan
Locker Talk
Inde Art

Zig 2 way
Corner rounding Punch
Martha Stewart Glitter (aqua marine)

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