Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awarded! Another Cherry on top Award *blush*

I received this award from  Amy  at a couple days ago, but didn't have time to get my thoughts together. I had a lot going on in this small home of mine with the big family that somehow fits in it!  But I am highly honored!  I have received a ton of scrappy blessings lately.  Thank you all for welcoming me into the crafting community, I have only been blogging about a month, and you have all gave me so much praise, awards, and inspiration!  Thank you Amy  I'm so Happy to inspire you.  You are so talented!  This really is an honor!

So as per the requirements, I must fill my duties as the recipient of the blog award:

 I am Awarding this post to:

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Listing 5 things I love about myself, hmmmm....

1.  I feel like I am a wonderful parent, compared to a lot out there,  being prepared to meet each child's constant changing need and emotion is still a task!  Remembering the children are not a unit, but a unique person, growing physically, emotionally, and as a community. I am raising future adults and they are being lovingly trained that way.  *steps down from soap box*

2. I found the man I am to spend the rest of my life with at an early age, I looked near and far and did not settle for second best!  He is a wonderful provider, lover, and father.

4. I am so crafty that I can fix anything with silicon glue or duct tape and I can coordinate heels with frayed bottom jeans and jewelry like nobodies business!

Pic of myself? 

I look ok in the first and my BFF looks ok in the second, why is it that we never both  look good when were posing with someone else ???  She would have killed me if I  had  posted the funky one of her without showing the good one too! LOL!  The first one really looks like me and the 2nd one really looks like her, also, I want to know why some pics of people really look like them, and others don't?

Anyway, we were blueberry pickn'  It was scorching hot, and had 6 kids with is!  We still managed to smile!

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  1. So you think you're hot blogging stuff now?!?! LOL, JUST KIDDING! I love the vibe from your blog, and I guess I'm not the only one! Congrats on your awards :)


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