Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Need to remove Sharpie or grease pencil?

***Money Saver Alert***

If you need to remove marker on slick surface, it can be porous, as long as its still a slick surface. I buy a lot of things from thrift sores, Being an AHM of 3 girls, its mandatory, but the prices are written directly on the items with grease pencil or Sharpie. It seems like when you get to working it off, there is a second layer that wont budge!  Theres a simple solution (pardon the pun), I don't even remember how I figured this out, my weirdly wired brain....All you need is some rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly, mix it together until it is the consistency of hand sanitizer, I'm guessing theres no reason you couldn't use it as such either, It would literally cost pennys,  I haven't tried hand sanitizer for this, I'm GUESSING that it should work too,  anyway, dab it on the Sharpie and use a paper towel or cotton ball to scrub it off, it dissolves it quickly!  Repeat if needed.  You will be amazed at the results!


  1. Awesome-I will have to remember this!

  2. Interesting, would never ever thought that....let's write on something and try it...LOL


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