Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet the Scrapbook Nook and Me!

The Adventures of The Scrapbook Nook

This was back in December, Its a little cleaner now (a little)  ! I have also since then added labels and more cork board across more drawers! Much more functional!
Under the desk, Bag of Cricut Carts, there all in my Gypsy, but my 11yr old daughter has her own Cricut and uses these often, she can just grab the bag.
Cookie Jars!
On wheels, so I can pull it out and add space to the right side of my desk and I can get to everything underneath better. The papered top is just lightly AGT-ed to the desk and covered with Clear Contact Paper so I can change it however I want. I will be painting the desk soon.

Homemade pin up board (covered cardboard w fabric)  And tons of sparkle

My Best Friend

My other best friend ( Cant turn the pics : (  )
Self explanatory
Picnic stuff holder, different size slots for different size scraps

Pillow cases came in those plastic holders there, I have 5, Sooo handy, and the cork boards are great, they have since then been moved, and the room will be completely one color (blue) next weekend when all family is healthy!  I will have to take it all down soon to pant. We have tried many colors in there, but been happy with none of them so far. This time I have discovered the thrill of Lowe's light boxes in the pant department! It actually shows you the colors in bad lighting, so you can figure out the color it will be on your wall before you spend the money on the pang, have it mixed, take it home, clean out the room, start painting and HATE it!

Everything else

I knew you wanted to see, oh and one more thing you probably havent seen!

Im guessing I look NOTHING like you imagined...Thats ok with me  : )


  1. Love this little peek into your scrapbook nook! I am not posting pictures of mine. If I did you would know why I get very little crafting done. Anyway, great to get to know you a little better. I never really though about what you would look like but I think your face fits your sweet blog :)


  2. Your space is like a craft store. If my hubby says anything about all my "stuff" I'm taking him to your space!!
    And it is nice to see you!!


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