Friday, March 11, 2011

Guide Lines and Fun Times Bottle Swaps!!!

Guide Lines and Fun Times Bottle Swaps!!!

If you are here for my "anything goes" bottle swap, we will be using a 1 liter bottle.  We have discovered the 20oz are really hard to work with.  The bottle should be at least 1 liter, does not matter what brand, just cut a flap on the side and insert your fillings, (Must be at least $20 retail) You may add paper or scraps after your $20 is reached if you wish. You may use a 2 liter or a box, should you feel the need, this part is your call. You will be responsible for the shipping of the bottle you send. The 20oz bottles were less than $4 shipping, popping full and heavy.  I do not want anyone to have to buy anything for this bottle. It is just a swap of things on hand. Bottles should be mailed out by April 10th. This will give plenty of time for organizing and finding goodies to send. I am looking forward to seeing your bottles, please take pics of the one you send  and the one you receive.  Tag them to me.  Happy Swapping!  Sign up end is nearing, please tell your friends, we still have openings!  I WILL be giving a secret prize for the awesomest (is that a word? : )   Bottle sent!  P.S.  Whoever gets my name, I need eyelets... *giggle*  ; )


All dressed up and Ready to go!

The green bottle is from a Real Life Friend such cute contents, This was an "anything goes swap".    Just a personal swap.  The Green Zebra strip bottle is the one I am sending back! I also reused the bottle she sent me, it was already ready, so why not?

The clear bottle is from an online friend, this was a Halloween/Fall swap  Hosted by Abbie Contents were so nice!   I really wish I had taken a pic of the one I sent!   That's going to make me crazy!

Such fun Surprises!!!  I encourage you to get involved in swaps!  Its a great way to get rid of things unneeded, you are tired of, or  half used stuff with no intentions of using the rest,  for great new things!  Best of all, its such a great way to make new frends!

And don't be afraid to suggest a few pics of projects made with  items you sent which prolongs the fun!

Always use the golden rule as you pack them, Do into others as you would have them do unto you!

Send a personal note or something handmade if you wish. I love getting those!  Its precious to me!

I  have a bulletin board where I clip up those hand made things and letters from my swap buddies!  I love the handmade flowers, I prefer to use my own flowers on projects so I try to find something to do with them, I came up with this, a simple glue dot on the middle of the back of the  flowers  and attach  it to the top of a push pin or thumb tack and whalah!  So pretty!!!   When  I'm frustrated, I simply look up and reminded of those Ladies that inspire me so much!


  • Eyelets, (seasonal, mix, colors, any at all!)
  • twine, ribbon pieces, bows
  • gems, buttons, brads, and do-dads
  • findings
  • Barbie, Bratz clothes, shoes, accessories!!! I love to use these in crafts!!! Any miniatures are great!
  • flowers
  • markers, all kinds of markers
  • ink,small ink pads
  • stamps
  • stickers, all kinds, especially stickers you have used half or a couple of! cut them apart and send them!  Out of your way, and really, are you going to use them?
  • charms, beads, buttons
  • adhesives, dots, 3D dots
  • glitter, confetti, flocking, embossing powder
  • labels, journal cards
  • rub ons, iron ons
  • tools
  • cute emery boards
  • Exacto, Cricut blades (safely)
  • Embossing Folders,small  dies
  • mini punches,mini  embossers
  • chipboard pieces, felts

Anything!!!!!    Most need to be a "Retal Value"  of $20
If the stamp was $8 but you paid $3, Its worth $8 in the bottle!


Cut a flap on the side of the bottle
Have fun packing it as full and tight as possible
Close flap and tape well with mailing tape is best
secure the lid well and tape around
take to Post Office
Get a conformation number and give it to the recipient


Don't send scrap paper, unless you and the swapper agree first hand, they take up valuable room, and really how would you feel if you sent a ton of good stuff and got a bunch of paper scraps?  It just don't seem fair, However, If you want paper scraps, join a paper scrap swap.  That's a lot of fun too!!!

Don't get angry if your received bottle is less than what you sent, Its bound to happen a couple times.   The next time it may be better!  Don't let it scare you into not participating again, that could keep you from great things in the future!


You don't have to enter a huge. or formal swap, just put up a request on Facebook or get with a friend!

If you are interested in signing up for this round, please send your name and address to:  ScrappyScavenger at Yahoo dot com, I will try to do a Bottle Swap at least every 6 months.
Thanks for your visit, Hope you play along!!!  We had about 13 Swappers last time!  It was a huge success!  Thanks so much!


  1. Thanks for posting. I received my Sppoky bottle swap the other day and am getting ready to send mine out. It's always fun to see what others got/sent. I'll try to remember totake pics before I pack and send mine.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a fun idea. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ok. I am really curious as to how you get the larger items in the you slit the side and put them in that way?? Help me understand, I like this idea!

  4. Katt, yes you are correct, Cutting a flap on the side. Sorry, I cant Email you right now, My site is down : (

  5. how do we get involved? i would like to do this

  6. This is such a great idea. First time I've heard of it!

  7. Is it too late to join??
    Jennifer McIntyre

  8. Sign me up please

    Alina Coronado


  9. I just emailed you my information. I hope there is still room for me. This is a great idea. Now I'm gonna go searching for your paper swap. I would like to do that as well.


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