Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phu, Tea Party Double Page Layout

I see so many things wrong, but in the time frame allowed, Im fine with it!

The hardest thing was trying to choose between sophisticated or playful, I chose playful!  It was my daughters first real friends, instead of just family and her sisters friends.  It was also her first time hosting an over night party, I think the background takes away from the elements. I need some stacked flowers too.  I forgot to mat the food display in the right one, and that was a 3 tear cake pedestal filled with tea cakes and cookies, wish I had a better pic of that! 

Such a fun day!  I'm so ready to do it again and use my new ideas when the youngest is old enough to pour hot tea!  Many of the girls had never laid eyes on sugar cubes, and drinking tea warm was ridiculous, When I added cream, now that was just over the top!  They all enjoyed their tea and had a great time!

I know it wont stay this way, when I get another window of time adjustments will be made!

Please take a second to vote for my owl name "Millie"  HERE  You know I would do it for you.  ; )

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anything Goes Bottle Swap Prize!

A ton of post offices are scratching their heads right now, wondering what in the world is going on with all these coke bottle swaps going on around these crazy crafters!  

So many women who don't get many surprises any more are smiling because YOU just made their day!

Remember I told you that I have a special prize for the best, coolest sent bottle?   Here It is, Its pretty sweet!
But of course....I cant give it away till I have seen all the bottles delivered!  So... Snap those pics tag them to me and get those bad boys sent!

I have been asked about when I will be hosting another bottle swap, well I don't know yet! I have a lot going on here, so Just keep checking in is all I can tell ya!  I DO plan on doing it again!  I get excited when I see your surprises!
And know that its going to put a smile in someones heart.  Knowing that It will spur you on in your creativity by getting inspired with new art-illery to shock and awe us with your new creations!

Have I told you I'm excited?  

So ya wanna see the prize....I cant call it blog candy....because it isn't exactly that huh?

Nail Jewels~green and purple stars,Orange, clear and purple flowers,hearts,  pink and hot pink hearts, aqua and royal blue raindrops, green circles, red moons, clear mix, magenta bars!  Cricut Spatula, Stampology Cutesy Alpha clear stamps, some are 3in tall! At least an inch each! Heidi Grace Chipboard alphabet, Chipboard shapes (2 sides) and coordinating frosty transparent shapes, seen here w white card stock behind to show up. 8 Natural note cards!


micro beads


Jennifer McIntyre!!!

Bottle Contents!

Monday, October 18, 2010

11 and 9Yr olds Breast Cancer Awareness Cards

KK's Card

Make it bigger if you need ...They really did a great job!

They are so excited that someone will be getting them!

They had such a great time hanging out together and looking through everything picking their stuff and watching it come together. I am so proud of them!  This was truly a learning experience for them community and craft-wise. And for me parenting-wise!  As usual, probably not a word!  ; )

Auty's Card

They chose the same papers, Which Is REALLY the strangest thing EVER!

They are as different as night and day, They helped each other with their cards and acted like sisters...I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

So those of you following closely know my camera is missing, I'm having to use my 11yr old's with a busted screen and no peep hole, I have to click the best I can and have no way to turn off the flash since I cant see whats on the screen. I point and click and take a ton , pull it up in the computer and crop the best I can...  Hopefully it will show up soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Solar System project

As painted by KK, and Assymbled by her Mom!

Shop till I dropped Surprise boxes!

The girls and I were shopping at Ross, They needed New Shirts and I needed Shopping Therapy! My 9yr old is just getting into Scrapping, She made a Breast Cancer awareness card (which I need to post)...and was hooked from then on, so I was also on the look out for a kit for her while we were out and about.  I found these kits for myself, They were just surprise boxes stuffed to the brim with Scrapbooking stuff! $9.99!  Heck Yeah!  I snatched that bad Boy up and dreamed of it as I pulled out of the parking lot! I almost smacked a car! (shhhhhh! Don't tell the Hubby!)  I dreamed more carefully the whole way home! Soon as I walked through the door I was snatching that box opened and Oooohing and Aughing over everything as I pulled it out one by one....I immediately called the hubby who was in the woods in a tree stand, stalking whitetail and feeling the same way over those Bucks as I was that Box!  He was tired and ready to get home to his bed....I'm guessing that sitting in a tree stand is seriously exhausting work! LOL!  However, He got his orders to go to Ross and get every kit they had left, Meanwhile, Boasting of it on my status, My Sister in Law texted "Wheres my Surprise box?"  Intersection!!!! My brain yelled in my ear!  Of course you can have one, I gritted my teeth and gave in....But its well worth it considering how great she has been to my newly blooming obsession....Of course Ill share! So!  I'm having to use my daughters camera which the screen is busted and has no peep hole : (  This is the best I can do till mine turns up (again)

My 2 boxes

The 2nd Book is a Digital Scrapbooking kit!  Thats Mulberry Paper 10pc.

Yep! Jumbo Brads, 2 sets!

The 2nd book here is digital Scrapbooking and a CD Rom!

Heres the box, but this is not whats in them!  However I was satisfied!


We have a....


TYhanks so much to for standing up to give your opinions!  

And the winner is......... says:  #2!!!

WhichCraft said...
I'm one of those that gives directly to the cause. I don't buy the yogurt because its pink or the bucket of KFC highly fat chicken because its pink. I try to donate to all causes that are important to me but I won't go out of my way to buy something because it helps "xyz" cause. Hey, if I so happen to buy it then great. Usually I'll do my own fund raiser and donate directly to the "cause"


Congrats Liz, Please contact me with an address Sweets!  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Sale! AT My Sentiments Exactly Stamps!

My Sentiments Exactly

75+ unmounted sentiment stamps that are cushioned, cut, and ready to mount.. 

These lots contain sentiments for every occasion and range from 1/2x1/2 inches to 3.5x4.5 inches in size.

Multiple bags may be purchased at the same shipping cost of $7.75 for US orders only-get your friends to join you or purchase as a gift and pay the same shipping fee.


We are throwing in an extra 3 images just in case we may have made a mistake in counting out your images.

I also found some more great sales HERE!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Candy for the Cause!!!

I have been in a funk about the whole awareness thing, In theory, It is a Wonderful Cause.   I tend to lean towards The Whitewashing theory:  Read up on that here and here.  Be informed!  Please read all the information before commenting.

Tell me your opinion, and you can win These!

I will pick a winner Sunday 10/17!

Thanks for visiting!!!

In other news, its Fall Break and everyones home, so crafting will be sparse in this home throughout the week.  When I can gather my entire body and mind for more than a moment of breathing and being able to feel my own body, which isn't always a good idea, pain is usually the effect of that one! LOL!  I Have some new pretties for my Scrapbook Nook, and Have begun to Mod Podge them, There going to help out so much!  

If you have joined my Bottle Swap, You need to check your Facebook messages, You have your partner.  Please message me there with any questions pertaining to that.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Im around...a little anyway, Im doing something your going to love, Its going to take all weekend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness card challenge

This is my entry for The Scrapbooking Queens newest Challenge, This is a very important cause please head over there and check it out! This is a wonderful way to come together as a supportive community with your talent.

I am happy with this one!  However, My 9yr old frowned at the pic, and stated it doesn't do it justice, Her exact words were "The cards cuter than the picture Mom!"  I have been wanting to use   
 that lock and key for a while now, and nothing has seemed important enough till now.

The inside says:    Hope is like a road in the country; there wasn’t ever a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.  ~Lin Yutang 

Thanks so much Teresa,  for hosting this cause!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Doodles and/or Stitching

Doodles and/or Stitching!

I wanted to join Memo's Challenge, however, due to a hiding camera and a small window of time, I just didn't make it!!!

For more into click here!!!

I got to make this one today!!!  With all going on around here today, it was no small feat!  Hubby is trying to skin a buck cape out, Hes learning taxidermy, and the baby running wild.

The doodle is inspired from one of my daughter's Onesies.   I used a Zig 2 way pen to Draw it all out, I used white Embossing powder and heat gun.  The Die cut is from The Sentimentals Cart.  The edging is Martha Stewart Double Arch punch. pearls, a flower, thin silver ribbon. Bic Mark It, Martha Stewart Glitter pen

I'd love to give you a break down, but Its unknown papers stashed in my drawer, some day I will learn to write the names in pencil on the back before stuffing them in. someday.....

Tomorrow My Girls and I PLAN to make a card for The Cancer awareness campaign  hosted by The Scrapbooking Queen  Please visit her and participate. Its a wonderful cause, worthy of your time and talent.Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you can dig out some time today to create!