Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shop till I dropped Surprise boxes!

The girls and I were shopping at Ross, They needed New Shirts and I needed Shopping Therapy! My 9yr old is just getting into Scrapping, She made a Breast Cancer awareness card (which I need to post)...and was hooked from then on, so I was also on the look out for a kit for her while we were out and about.  I found these kits for myself, They were just surprise boxes stuffed to the brim with Scrapbooking stuff! $9.99!  Heck Yeah!  I snatched that bad Boy up and dreamed of it as I pulled out of the parking lot! I almost smacked a car! (shhhhhh! Don't tell the Hubby!)  I dreamed more carefully the whole way home! Soon as I walked through the door I was snatching that box opened and Oooohing and Aughing over everything as I pulled it out one by one....I immediately called the hubby who was in the woods in a tree stand, stalking whitetail and feeling the same way over those Bucks as I was that Box!  He was tired and ready to get home to his bed....I'm guessing that sitting in a tree stand is seriously exhausting work! LOL!  However, He got his orders to go to Ross and get every kit they had left, Meanwhile, Boasting of it on my status, My Sister in Law texted "Wheres my Surprise box?"  Intersection!!!! My brain yelled in my ear!  Of course you can have one, I gritted my teeth and gave in....But its well worth it considering how great she has been to my newly blooming obsession....Of course Ill share! So!  I'm having to use my daughters camera which the screen is busted and has no peep hole : (  This is the best I can do till mine turns up (again)

My 2 boxes

The 2nd Book is a Digital Scrapbooking kit!  Thats Mulberry Paper 10pc.

Yep! Jumbo Brads, 2 sets!

The 2nd book here is digital Scrapbooking and a CD Rom!

Heres the box, but this is not whats in them!  However I was satisfied!


  1. WOW! Looks like I better head to the Ross near me and see if they have any of the surprise boxes!! That's awesome!!!

  2. OMG! I am just so green with envy! All that for $9.99. I love Ross every time I visit the States it the first store I have to check out! TFS

  3. YEAH! That's wonderful! What an amazing find! :)

  4. OMG! What a bargain!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tanya, you are so fun!! Where do you find the time to use it all?
    (I think this is the first I have commented on your blog.)

  6. wow you are some lucky little lady. hope u enjoy every bit of it. xoxo

  7. OMG! How cool is that? I don't know if there is a ross here or not better start googling lol. I'm so excited for you. Have fun with all your goodies.


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