Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phu, Tea Party Double Page Layout

I see so many things wrong, but in the time frame allowed, Im fine with it!

The hardest thing was trying to choose between sophisticated or playful, I chose playful!  It was my daughters first real friends, instead of just family and her sisters friends.  It was also her first time hosting an over night party, I think the background takes away from the elements. I need some stacked flowers too.  I forgot to mat the food display in the right one, and that was a 3 tear cake pedestal filled with tea cakes and cookies, wish I had a better pic of that! 

Such a fun day!  I'm so ready to do it again and use my new ideas when the youngest is old enough to pour hot tea!  Many of the girls had never laid eyes on sugar cubes, and drinking tea warm was ridiculous, When I added cream, now that was just over the top!  They all enjoyed their tea and had a great time!

I know it wont stay this way, when I get another window of time adjustments will be made!

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  1. there's never anything wrong in crafting. Very cute and super girly!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! YOu are the winner for my 100 follower giveaway. If you can please send me your address I will get your prize out to you. THanks

  3. This is beautiful! Nothing wrong with it! You did great!

  4. As artist, we will always find something wrong in our creations that others don't see! It look great! But that's what makes your stuff so damn adorable =)


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