Monday, October 18, 2010

11 and 9Yr olds Breast Cancer Awareness Cards

KK's Card

Make it bigger if you need ...They really did a great job!

They are so excited that someone will be getting them!

They had such a great time hanging out together and looking through everything picking their stuff and watching it come together. I am so proud of them!  This was truly a learning experience for them community and craft-wise. And for me parenting-wise!  As usual, probably not a word!  ; )

Auty's Card

They chose the same papers, Which Is REALLY the strangest thing EVER!

They are as different as night and day, They helped each other with their cards and acted like sisters...I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

So those of you following closely know my camera is missing, I'm having to use my 11yr old's with a busted screen and no peep hole, I have to click the best I can and have no way to turn off the flash since I cant see whats on the screen. I point and click and take a ton , pull it up in the computer and crop the best I can...  Hopefully it will show up soon!

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