Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wow! I have received The Stylish Blog Award!

Thank You so much, Melissa!!!

Which makes me one of the chosen *giggle* !

By  being Awarded,  I must thank Melissa,  and link back to her blog,  and share 8 things about myself... then pass this award unto 8 other bloggers,  And leave a comment letting them know, so they can pass along the recognition!

1.   I am too addicted to Pepsi!!!  I will drive to the gas station, just for one!  I hate when you get an old one, it tastes like, when you buy worms at the bait shop and open it, you get a whiff of that dirt...thats what it makes me think of, tastes like it smells, ugh !  LOL 

2.  My favorite all time snack is Pickle chips  (Golden Flake are the best)  along with a Pepsi, I actually open
 the bag from the bottom, because thats where the best are!  But I dont like Vinegar and salt...imagine that!

3.  I have finally learned how to say no, and not to spread myself too thin.

4.  I dropped about 20 lbs in about a week in a half , Thank you stomach virus!  At least something nice came of you!

5.  My youngest daughter's birthday is the day after my Oldest daughters. 

6.   I am a absolutely a creature of habit.

7.   Id  much rather be home with my family than anywhere else.

8.   I want my own bed, and pillow, I dont care how late were out somewhere, Im not staying overnight, I   will come home to sleep.

Now I have the honor of listing my favorite blogs:

1.   The cricut Diarys

2.  SpantastiKreations

3.  All Things Crafty

4. Busy With The Cricky

5. Craft Junkie Too

6. Card Creations & More by C

7.  Faithfule Creations

8. Karlee Krafts

Thank you so much for inspiring me!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!

  2. Congrats! That is wonderful, you do have a stylish blog.

  3. Congrats on your award. AND - thank you for thinking of me. That was very thoughtful!!!

    xx Susan


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