Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you for a Beautiful Year (Peacock)

MARISSA what a beautiful card! great job!
Marissa, Please check your inbox!

If you have come to visit the Bottle Swap Hop, unfortunately it was canceled due to lack of participation : (   But you are welcome to stay and enjoy a sweet little project! : )

The stamp is a Fiskars cling stamp which is about 4 inches
Inked with several Martha Stewart pigment eye inks blotted on it for the background
Clear embossing powder
 heat gun
 glittered gel pin
 Zig 2 way pin
Martha Stewart fine glitters
Nail gems 

This is the first time I have used this stamp, Its a card is for KK's Teacher,  She will give it to her today!
KK is  excited and proud to show her teacher what her Mom does. Its been a long rough year (for Me).   I havent been able to participate in the class rooms as I usually do, so she feels as if  its a kind of unveiling of Mom LOL!  I think its adorable!

Thanks for stopping by!  And for the inconvenience:  A quick give away! Since it was ready to go anyway! Stylized Flowers Embossing Folder!

I will pick a winner via tomorrow!


  1. Oh that stamp is gorgeous. Great job with it
    I was fortunate to be a room mom this last year and I loved making things for the kids and teacher alike. My son will be entering middle school next year so I doubt I will be doing any more...bummer, I will miss it
    Come check out my project for the bottle swap tomorrow. I think you are gonna love it

  2. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I am praying that the coming year brings you all the things you need and want. I can relate on the rough year but I am still positive that things will work out for the best. Thanks for the giveaway as well.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  3. Your feathered friend is just so stunning!! You are very de"tailed" oriented and patient and talented Tanya!!

    There are seasons in our life. We give outside the home when we can. Right now you are needed at home with the little one.

  4. what a beautiful card! great job!

  5. what a beautiful peacock, I just love it...
    Dawn RI

  6. Beautiful! Love the colors. Sorry to hear your blog hop was canceled.
    papermemories4u @ yahoo .com

  7. I am a first time visitor, hopped along the Teacher's Blog hop. This was my son's first year of school so I being the sensitive and just not wanting to miss out on the experience with him I attended every possible function and loved it! Now it's the end of the year and it's bitter sweet because he's growing up but that's okay because I feel I am growing with him! thank you for sharing the beautiful card, loved the image and quiet surprised by the ink you used by Martha Stewart... I was skeptical so never purchased them, thank you for changing my mind!

  8. Beautiful card!! I hope that next school year has you back helping put in the classroom :)

  9. Beautiful peacock, love your choice of colors.


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