Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guess who was Mark Montano's Featured Friend yesterday?

This Girl!!!  

How exciting is that.  Ok, So here's how it happened.  I messaged him and asked him about a bail he made for some pendants, I sent him the pic of what I was making and let him know I need it pretty fast because some girls were already wanting these.  I forgot where I seen it, just remembered it was him.  But I found it flipping through the Big Ass Book of Bling before he had a chance to respond.  He asked if he could feature it and I said yes.  

Here's how I made it, I have a sheet of brass my Father-In-Law got me last year.  I used my Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die and I had some flower middle bling stickers, They have a pearl in the middle which I removed.  My Hubby and I went shooting a couple weeks ago and I kept the spent shells.  I used my metal shears to split them and my long nose pliers to help bend them.  I bent up the flower how I like them and used E6000 to attach everything.  I found some heart shaped paper clips that I used to attach upside down to the back because I couldn't find my wire.  

I know its been a while, Im so glad to be back!

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