Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charm Swap Link Party

Charm Swap Link Party

I was ready for a swap and wanted to get "off-the-page" to experience other crafts, with others who wanted to do the same...

Zelia suggested we do a charm swap, she has been wanting to do that for a while, I thought it was a great idea, so I opened a Facebook group and sent out a status invite, 8 ladies responded, and decided to stay together and experiment with new crafts and learn together!  I have learned a lot about not only new experiences in crafting, but their lives and a good bit about communication : )  All things I needed to learn!  We have turned into a melting pot of sisterhood.  The group has turned out to be pretty amazing! 

Thank You Ladies!!!

In hind sight, I probably should have photographed them hanging, so you can really see them better than sprawled out everywhere laying and learn I guess.


I bought A huge, chunky, glass, bracelet about 5 years ago just to reuse the glass beads. I finally have a chance to use them!  I used a chain to run from the pendant to the clasp and just inserted my jump rings for the beads there.  Simple enough.


I  have been wanting to create something with these sweet jars for a long time, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity I used the same technique with the beads as the last charm,  however I inserted a screw thingy ( I dont know the name of those) I guess the eye from the hardware store you would put a hook like lock on a screen door.  I know I could also use those other (excuse the term again) thingy that comes in a picture hanging kit. ; )   But I didnt exactly have one on hand at the time, so I figured Id just alcohol ink it blend it better, which I forgot to do.  Anyway, screwed it into the cork of the bottle. The bottle is filled with Martha Stewart fine glitter and tiny glass beads and roses, you have to shake it a little to find everything.  The glass heart is simply glued on with silicone glue. I love the whimsy of it, and how its sort of interactive!

A jewelry creator I am not, however I still had a great time, Playing with these and getting off the page!


  1. Wow Tanya, you need to do a video on how you created this, I am so impressed! I have loved watching you all stretch your imaginations to take part in this swap, this one was an easy one for me since I make jewelry, I am not so sure about the next one. Congratulations on a great job!

    Hugs, Ze

  2. Your charms are bea-u-ti-ful, Tanya. I think you must have a lot of patience. I love the "cluster" of beads. The jar is so sweet. Forget the paper crafts--these would be stunning on long chains for a necklaces!

  3. Oh gorgeous. As I make jewelry also I find these are magnificient.

  4. Okay I am shocked that you say you are not a jewelry maker I looked at yours in awe.. beautiful.

    Being the recipient of the chunky heart which I love I was in awe.. beautiful


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