Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Official" Heart Charm Swap Guidelines

Zelia andScrappyScavenger's Heart
 Charm Swap

Beautiful Ideas from Zelia, thanks so much for Collaborating with me!

Create two charms,   now that it is heart month and Valentine's Day,  the theme will revolve around hearts.

1.  Choose two themes,  one for each charm you create.

2. Use a swivel clasp.

3. Use any materials you want!  Shrinky Dink and beads included!

1. Love is a 4-letter word. ( lol!   Lets face it, We all havent had such a great experience!)
2. All things grow with love.

3. Faith, Hope, ... And Love.

4. Hugs and Kisses, Stars for Wishes.

5. Love and Other Obsessions

We will send them to two partners, You will receive 2, charms also, one from two different creative friends!  You want an original, and therefore this is the best solution we could come up with.   Its all about creativity and making new friends!   

Mailing Deadline is Feb 20th.

You  pay shipping on the charms you create and send.

All you need to do to participate is Message me on FB!  I will partner you up this weekend~!

  Those are the only guidelines, Lets let the creativity flow!
                                  Happy Creating!!!

(Sorry, This swap is now closed)

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